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I am often asked, "What is the best way to use Wordpress? Should I get it free at Wordpress.com, or should I install it into my own website?"

This is an important question for any website owner. How you implement Wordpress can make a big difference for the success of your business.

So, what is the right answer. Well, like any other business decision, the answer is: It depends. That is, there are a number of pro's and con's to either choice. Let's look at some of them.
But, first, let's step back a bit. You'll notice that the title of this article refers to the "Three Types of Wordpress". But, so far, I've only mentioned (1) Hosting at Wordpress.com or (2) installing Wordpress on your own website. But, there is actually another way to use Wordpress - which is a actually a subset of number 2.
The three types, then, are shown below. See a summary of their differences by clicking on the + sign to the right.
* Hosted / Free (sort of)
* Easy to set up, use, and manage
* Good for low-cost budgets
* Good for beginners
* Limited features and customization
* Little-to-no management required
* Self-hosted / full control
* Expandable & Scaleable
* Can be low-cost
* More storage less expensive
* Professional & Business Websites
* More themes & plugins
* Can be monetized
* All the features of Wordpress.org
* Hands-off, less technical involvement
* Wordpress-specific hosting
* Full control panel not available
* Automated backups & updates

Here are some additional thoughts and things you should consider when choosing which type of Wordpress to build your website on.
WORDPRESS.COM offers a very basic hosted installation free of cost. You don't have to do any installation or setup.But, the free version has limited storage, a limited selection of themes (design templates), and your site will have ads on it. You can pay a fee to avoid these limitations. But, then it's not free. 

Also, third-party plugins are not allowed. Plugins are the extra programs that give Wordpress it's real power and flexibility. They let you add features and functionality to your website, some of which can be very important for your business.

So, Wordpress.com is limited by it's very nature. It may be a good choice for people who are very budget-limited, those creating a temporary website, and those just starting a very modest business.It is usually not suited for serious business ventures or those who need a fully-functioning, professional website.

WORDPRESS.ORG is the home site for the Worpress software that you can download free of charge. This allows you to install Wordpress on your own hosting account and have more control. However, ordinarily you don't need to actually download it from here. Most hosting providers will provide it free of charge along with hosting and you can opt to install it along with your hosting. So, you do need to pay for a hosting account. Today hosting fees are so minimal that this is not a significant expense for any serious business venture. 

Once installed, this version of Wordpress provides many advantages over Wordpress.com.


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